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Event Info

Event Name


Event Time

Info Session

• Slideshow and live Q&A via Zoom

See website*


• Submissions open on the website
• Teams can officially begin filming

12am EST, first day of the event 

Tech Support

• Live tech support via Zoom
• Filmmaking or equipment help

See website*

Submissions Due

• All movies will need to be fully uploaded, and submission forms completely filled out, by the end of the day on the Submissions Due date 

11:59pm PST, last day of the event 


• The top movies will be judged by an independent panel online

See website*


• The big night!
• Streamed on YouTube with live chat
• Free to everyone, and always available for repeat viewings
• Top movies screened in full, with awards and prizes bestowed

See website*

**For specific dates & times, check out**

CMF 2020-2021 - Moviemaking and Premiere
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